Incorrigible: Joseph Hadrin’s Latest Show

Walking into Incorrigible, Joseph Hadrin‘s latest exhibit doesn’t feel like your average show. There are no canvases on the wall, no tastefully highlighted sculptures with discreet price tags, and no snooty gallery owners trying to shove overpriced work down your throat. Instead Incorrigible looks like your average adult sex shop and it’s stocked full of unique toys and art that may be hard to distinguish.

Enter a world full of erotica where you can purchase a dildo or a vibrator alongside a genuine piece of art by Joseph Hadrin. Displayed side by side along with some common, and some not so common the best male sex toys the collection that makes up Incorrigible fully embraces women’s sexuality and the freedoms that Hadrin has seen embraced in his recent travels across Australia.

A Look at Some of the Pieces from Incorrigible

  1. Sonic Rocket

Hadrin’s Sonic Rocket is inspired by the small sized Pocket Rocket from Doc Johnson’s iVibe collection, a modern-day reincarnation of the classic Pocket Rocket mini vibrator. Hadrin says he loves the smooth lines and the pointed tip, something he incorporated into the design of the Sonic Rocket.

ivibe collection

The Sonic Rocket looks like the name implies with a shiny chrome body, tapered nose, small window, and tail fins. Look closely and you’ll see that this rocket ship contains a small female astronaut sitting at the controls. Finely detailed with rivets and a little wear and tear from its journeys, this rocket also packs quite a boost when you press the button on the bottom. Using some newly learned electrical skills Hadrin has included a motor that makes the Sonic Rocket buzz and vibrate just like its muse the Pocket Rocket. Look inside while it’s buzzing and you’ll see that the little astronaut inside is jumping around too.

  1. Waterfall

For this piece Hadrin spent three months learning how to blow glass with experts at the Toledo Museum of Art. Made from clear glass and brilliant blue murine, Waterfall shows the beauty of nature and the art of sexuality. Upon first inspection this glass sculpture is clearly a waterfall, but view it from behind and it is resembles a penis, view it from the side and it becomes a shapely woman; all courtesy of the shape and light refracting through the glass medium.

Stunning in its intricate design, Waterfall is inspired by nature in all of its forms and Hadrin expresses this through the use of his new medium in a style reminiscent of the glass dildos on display surrounding the piece. And each of the glass sex toys from Pipedreams Icicles collection that Hadrin has chosen is exquisitely designed, making it difficult to tell which is the art and which is the toy.

Hadrin’s show is full of creative interpretations of the sex toys and he hopes that they’ll help women to discuss and own their sexuality. Each piece from this collection is fun and certain to spark a few conversations. And best of all every item on display in Hadrin’s Incorrigible collection is for sale and that means you can take home a glass dildo or a piece of glass art all from the same exhibit.